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Randy Auxier Billie Bowden Bruce Camden Bill Carter 
Curt Carter Din Dayemi    Jimmy Salatino
Nathan George Zacc Harris  Forrest Hurd 
Ivas John
Grant Morgan
Robert Russell  Robbie Stokes

Randy Auxier Billie Bowden Bruce Camden
Bill Carter
Curt Carter Din Dayemi Jimmy Salatino
Nathan Clark George Zacc Harris The Hurd Brothers
Ivas John
grant morgan
Robbie Stokes
CD Release Party, Sunday Dec 12, 2004 at Hangar 9, Carbondale Illinois . . .  PHOTOS

Click here for one-minute .mp3 sample of guitarists Chris Duarte, Robbie Stokes, Grant Morgan and Patrick Postlewaite jamming at the Release Party.

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Guitarists royalties donated to the

Hurd Brothers Memorial Scholarship Fund.

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The guitartists:
Randy AuxierRandy Auxier  began playing rock and roll and blues on the bass guitar at 12 years old, growing up in Memphis. He took up guitar at 17 and moved in the direction of finger-picking, under the influence of guitarists such as Paul Simon, Jim Croce, and James Taylor. He has performed with many bands and duos while he lived in Memphis (including a brief stint with Hurd Brothers' drummer Scott Ollar), and also in Atlanta and Oklahoma City. Randy came to Southern Illinois in 2000. He released CDs in 1999 and 2003, and another is expected in early 2005. Randy's guitar playing is integrated with his song- writing in which he characteristically uses the guitar as melodic counterpoint to the main melody.   His web site tells more.

Something in Your Eyes
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Billie BowdenBillie Bowden has been playing music in Southern Illinois since 1971, performing with such bands as The Wamble Mountain Ramblers, The McDaniel Brothers Blues Band, Silver Mountain, Timber Ridge, Acoustically Inclined, Ear-Relevant and The Bowdens. The last two bands mentioned included one or more of his children, Mark and Kerry.  Lately Billie has been spending lots of time in the west, playing in California, Oregon and Arizona. His partners out there include Wm. "Tugboat Willie" Hugoboom and Lois Weaver, who harmonize with Billie on "Welcome Home". Also providing instrumentation for this song are Tommy Hubbs on steel guitar and Mark Bowden on percussion and mandolin.

Welcome Home
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Bruce CamdenBruce Camden has been playing guitar since 1975, but his talent is not limited to music. He is also a gifted writer, the author of many short stories and nonfictional pieces.  His debut CD "Nothing Gained" was named "local album of the year" for 2003 by Nightlife.  The track "Jimmy Lee Baker" is from that cd.

As sideman to local blues legend Tawl Paul and Slappin' Henry Blue, Camden has attracted a small cult  of appreciative fans.  He is currently crafting his next CD.

Jimmy Lee Baker
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Ivas JohnOriginally from Chicago, guitarist Ivas John moved to Carbondale to attend SIU at the age of eighteen, and began playing in public within his first  year. After gaining valuable playing experience with a couple of local blues bands, John settled into the Carbondale music scene more permanently alongside Southern Illinois blues legend "Big Larry" Williams. In the Summer of 2002, John was introduced to Louisville singer/songwriter David Gene Smith and formed the band Delta Fuzz, whose eclectic and original sound reflects a variety of traditional blues, rock, and country influences, and features John’s boldly expressive and tasteful lead guitar work. In addition to establishing himself as a competent player for any blues situation, John has shown his versatility as a developing jazz guitarist as well, playing with veteran jazz musicians from the area, and studying the idiom independently at SIU. When he’s not on a gig, you can find John teaching guitar five days a week at Mike’s Music center in Carbondale.


Ivas John- Guitar

Mel Goot- Keys
Wayne Goodwin- Drums
Mark Moreno- Bass

Bill CarterBill Carter, the man with the "Golden Frets," has been on the music scene in Southern Illinois for the past 40 years. Music being his great love, Bill has enjoyed playing a variety of styles in numerous bands, including his own country band "Area Code 618". Bill has recently returned from a tour in Germany with "Majnun" and is currently serving time with Tawl Paul and "Slappin' Henry Blue."

Baby caught the Katy (with Din Dayemi) vocal by Barb Eidlin
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Curt CarterCurt Carter, of "Carter and Connelly," grew up in Bourbonnais, Illinois near the Kankakee River. He headed a very successful local band as a student at SIU in Carbondale. Then he took his music to the West Coast as a resident of Hollywood, California. Curt promoted his original music with numerous showcase appearances in clubs and on live television and radio. He did studio session work with Richard Greene, Byron Berline, Buhl Niedlinger, J. D. Maness and Ben Keith. As a result, he has several songs published through White Cat Music and Comstock Records. Curt returned to the simpler environment of the Midwest to raise a family and complete a masters degree in Environmental Education. He is now the Director of Environmental Programs at Southern Illinois University, Touch of Nature Environmental Center. Curt uses music as a learning tool to enhance his programming thereby expanding the experience for all participants.

Don't Need No Roads
performed with Tom Connelly
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Din DayemiA student at SIU in the late seventies,, Din Dayemi returned to Southern Illinois in 1995 and founded "Majnun," a 9-piece eclectic band. The word majnun means "crazy," and the band exemplifies its crazy talent by highlighting the creative work of several of its singer/songwriters. "Majnun" is set to release their second album "Live at Der Club" after completing a 2004 summer tour in Germany.

Baby Caught the Katy (with Bill Carter)
vocal by Barb Eidlin
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Nathan Clark GeorgeNathan Clark George is a singer/songwriter who is often stepping outside the boundaries of the genre into warm and intricate fingerpicking and then into rocking acoustic tunes.  He is touring throughout the midwest with continued growth and interest in his music and performances, not to mention his growing discography.  Nathan's music has been called folk-fusion, fingerstyle and folk-rock.  He is constantly exploring new blends of modern and traditional acoustic music and is using images and concepts that reflect the wide range of human experience, faith, and the truths that affect us all.

The Aspens
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Doug  HurdZacc Harris Forrest Hurd
The Hurd Brothers

When I Look into Your Eyes
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Zacc HarrisZacc Harris left his home of Virginia at age 19 to travel the country before ending up in Carbondale in 1997. He founded the rock band Madcap in 1998, which enjoyed mild success as a regional touring band before disbanding a few years later. While in Madcap, he also formed the jazz group Caravan in 2000, which plays modern bop weekly at Tres Hombres. In 2001, he joined Mercy who has performed weekly at Pinch Penny Pub for 30
years, making them the longest standing weekly jazz group in the Midwest.  Harris also joined Broken Grass in 2001, a electrified bluegrass rock band that since has played over 150 shows a year all across the U.S. The group featured on this recording is Caravan.


featuring Caravan
Zacc Harris-guitar
Todd Rewoldt-alto sax
Nick Kuypers-bass
Wayne Goodwin-drums
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Jimmy SalatinoGrant Morgan has been playing guitar professionally for more than 25 years, both electric and acoustic. One of the key forces behind "Massive Funk," he is presently a one-man band, playing a soulful variety of synthesized instruments, molding together songs from many artists, and originals.

Seezzn the Moment
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Robert "Catgut" Russell Robert  has been playing guitar since his grandmother gave him his first guittar had the age of nine.As a teenager he fell in love with the music of the Mississippi Delta and the Piedmont blues of the Southeast. While pursuing a Ph.D in philosophy at SIU Robert formed Mr. So and So with Karra MacDonald. They performed together for three years  playing  songs by Robert Johnson, Son House , Charlie Patton  and many others. Currently Robert is a member of Dennis Stroughmatt and Creole Stomp. Creole Stomp maintains a hectic schedule playing over 200 dates a year all across the U.S.  Robert also plays guitar for Louisiana  legend Morris  Ardoin and the Ardoin Family Band .  He is currently working on  his own solo acoustic blues CD.

Breakin' Down
with Dennis Stroughmatt on fiddle
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Jimmy SalatinoJimmy Salatino has been playing guitar since high school in Chicago, Illinois.  Since moving to Carbondale in 1991, he has played with such bands as 420 in Progress, David Gene Smith, Evergreen, and the Jim Skinner Blues Band.  Currently he's strumming strings for Triple Dose and  St. Stephen's Blues.  The song Jimmy's Jazz was an experiment recorded at home, never released until this CD.  In addition to band gigs, these days Salatino plays occasional solo performances at local watering holes and wineries.  The Triple Dose CD is on sale through the Jimmy Salatino  web site.

Jimmy's Jazz
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Robbie Stokes
Robbie Stokes-Guitar, vocals, audio.  Composer of 'The Ballad of Casey J.' on the St. Stephen's Blues CD 'Epochrypha', Robbie worked with Mickey Hart, Jerry Garcia, Phil Lesh and Robert Hunter of the Grateful Dead on the 'Rolling Thunder' and 'Tales of the Great Rum Runners' discs and is mentioned as a session player in many of 'The Dead' books currently out.  Robbie recently released a compilation CD ('The Road So Far') and a CD ('Dreams') with 16-year-old son Robby Clark-Stokes, recorded at his home project studio in the country south of Carbondale.  He also has a daughter, Carly, 13.  Robbie's band 'Devil's Kitchen' hit San Francisco back in The Day, opening up for Credence Clearwater Revival, Janis Joplin, the Jefferson Airplane, Taj Mahal, etc., and jamming with Santana.  He played with seminal psychedelic-rockers Quicksilver Messenger Service and 'Spirit In the Sky' singer/songwriter Norman Greenbaum, formed southern Illinois' 'Coal Kitchen' and 'Vision', 'Dr. Bombay' and '4 on the Floor', backed up Del Shannon, Lightnin' Hopkins and Big Mama Thornton, and shared stages with Larry 'Big Twist' Nolan and Shawn Colvin.  He received a BA at SIU-C in Dec.'98 (University Studies).  Robbie operates Robco Audio, teaches sound systems and electric guitar at JA Logan College, pursues aviation, is an avid amateur astronomer, and also plays keyboards part-time in 'The Dragonflies'.


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My brothers, Forrest and Doug, loved music from early childhood until their last day on earth. They never made a lot of money, but both found beauty and true inspiration in music they heard and played. Their enjoyment of music was wide, and encompassed classical era, crooners (Bing Crosby) of the early 1900's, simple songs of Bill Monroe, rhythmic Elvis Presley, Beatles, early rock artists of Great Britain, and all eras of blues and jazz.

They especially loved guitar in classical, blues, and jazz. They felt their music. Doug often laughed and agreed with BB (King) that 'even a blind man can tell when he's walking in the sun.' Forrest often said, "I would much rather be deeply moved by music than awed," indicating a deep level of satisfaction and fulfillment that he derived from listening and/or playing a particular piece of music.

I believe both the enjoyment and creation of music can be such a thing of beauty in life, as it was for my brothers. I hope to help others find their own beauty in music by way of my brothers' Scholarship Fund.

Marcia Hurd, September 2004

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